Welcome to Folio Media Group (FMG)!

Folio Media Group (FMG) is an integrated media company whose objective is to offer products and services across the dimensions of
Advertising, Publishing, Print and Packaging, News, Events, Information, Entertainment, Multimedia Distribution and Creative
Solutions. Within our group business lines, we offer a holistic multimedia portfolio and continue to strive to be a market leader in the
markets we are engaged in. Our objective is to attain measurable growth with an exceptional portfolio of media assets. We provide a range
of business activities including:

Reputation Management
Public Relations
Strategy 95%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%
Development 90%

Our vision

FMG's vision is to be Africa's most preferred and trusted provider of information, media, and entertainment content across multiple delivery platforms. The company is committed to pursuing the use of print media, television, radio, interactive, mobile and digital platforms to be the most relevant and consumer centred media source. Folio Media Group is constantly evolving and keeping up with global habits and changes. One of our key tasks in the next couple of months is to accelerate our business growth and reach the global market by investing in quality content delivered via physical and digital channels to best serve global needs. Our transition agenda is to strategically introduce DailyTimes into the Northern American market and make it the most widely read publication and resource.


The Daily Times Nigeria is the country's most respected and successful newspaper with headquarters in Lagos. The Daily Times was first printed as The Nigerian Daily Times in 1926. It is one of the most successful locally owned businesses in Africa. The Times publications are 'Daily Times', 'Sunday Times', 'Lagos Weekend', 'Sporting Times', 'Business Times', 'Times Homes Studies', 'Times Review', 'Times Digest' and 'Headlines'.


Nigeria: Our Heritage (NOH) is a 10-year Public-Private Partnership initiative, which aims to strategically reveal the very best of Nigeria (her rich heritage, resilient people, boundless opportunities, etc.) and positively change her image for good. The Project serves as a definitive catalyst for redirecting the convoluted perception of Nigeria and Nigerians.


Miss Nigeria is an annual pageant show which showcases positive attributes of Nigerian women and awards university scholarships. The winner portrays exemplary qualities and serves as a role model for young women in the country and the diaspora to promote development and social causes for the nation.